Common Themes in Gambling

casino theme

If you’re a keen gambler or new to the scene, you may notice that there’s quite a few themes that seem to come up time and time again.Click now to get more information on the gambling industry as a whole.Here are some of the most popular themes.

Fruit Machines

This often is a theme used for some of the easier slot games, many with just 3 reels. The idea behind these designs seems to be an emphasis on keeping things traditional and harkening back to the age where you could play a fruit machine in the corner of the pub, with a pint in hand. These tend to be lower paying games. Be sure to check out Spinathon, where you can find new slot sites reviewed.Also Companies, are trying to blend the traditional with the modern, by creating slick graphics, interesting designs and even flaming fruits to the mix, as demonstrated by the slot Super-Hot Fruits.

fruit machines


This also seems to be one of the most popular themes out there, latching onto a jolly leprechaun and really going to town on the saying ‘the luck of the Irish.’ The Rainbow Riches series from the developers Barcrest are massively popular, using this underlying theme in all their games of the series. Expect to see a variety of leprechauns (some certainly more aesthetic than others), rolling fields, four leaf clovers and if you’re lucky, an Irish jig. You can also expect to see plenty of references to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Ancient Egypt

Many slot games these days like to have some sort of backstory to add to the immersive experience of the game. It’s not much of a surprise that Ancient Egypt seems to be a very popular reference. With many games drawing on history and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter in the 1920s, there’s plenty of teams of explorers, untold riches and ancient, mystical objects to be found in slot games. Even though it’s a theme that is used time and time again by slot game developers, there’s plenty of variations with each provider trying to outdo the others. If you do enough digging, you’re sure to find an Egyptian-themed game out there with the edge.

ancient egypt

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African Slots

Head deep into the Savannah from the comfort of your sofa as you peruse the many African themed slots. Some are very traditional, with the colours of an African sunset, plenty of zebras and lions, and some traditional African music in the background. Others are slightly different, complete with spaceships. Just because. They do all tend to have one thing in common in that most of them look stunning.


Taking us back to a time of myth and legend, there are plenty of slot games out there that take a story and really make it their own, such as Legends of Arthur slot game. After all, no one can really prove what happened as these stories aren’t historically bound, so expect to see plenty of variations and original ideas in these sorts of games.…

The Best Oven Cleaner 2017

The Best Oven Cleaner in 2017

A dirty kitchen is no one’s darling and that’s why we all spend money on cleaners. It is, however, a plain truth that while cleanliness in every part of the kitchen matters, it is particularly crucial to have the oven always sparkling clean. The grease and oil that accumulates in your oven are hard to deal with, especially if you have ever tried to use just ordinary cleaners. The good news is that there’s one solution out there on store shelves, which you haven’t tried yet. This cleaner was a favorite for many in 2017 and if you were not one of those who bought it, then you should place it in our budget as soon as you finish reading this.

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Based on buyer reviews and repurchase rates, the best oven cleaner in 2017 has got to be the Easy Off Professional Fume Free Oven Cleaner. This aerosol cleaner is the safest cleaner you will find on the market today. Almost all reviews from buyers in 2017 highlighted its great smell and the fact that it can be used in many other kitchen appliances apart from the oven. You can use it on grills and broilers as well. You can use this product without putting on gloves, which gives you greater control while cleaning.

Easy Off Professional cleans even the tough grease and burns stains. The fact that this product does not contain flammable fumes assures you of a safe cleaning experience where you don’t have to worry about it catching fire. With Easy Off Professional Fume Free Oven Cleaner you just have to spray it on the dirty surface and leave it for as short a time as just an hour, then come back and wipe your oven clean. This product will cost you just around $5. Such a fair price for so much that you will not find in other cleaners makes this particular one the best oven cleaner in 2017.

Written by: cyrus_w

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The Weekend Painting Project

art painting

I decided it was time to give our house a bit of a facelift and get rid of our old wallpaper. The old wallpaper is not the horrible old flowery variety but it is outdated for modern design. I’m really looking forward to getting some nice modern clean lines with some cooler tone paints.

So the big project this weekend was to remove the old wallpaper and paint the wall. It’s not really all that big of a project per say but it will take some manual labor and will have a huge visual impact once we finished.

The good news is that it the project went very well and it looks amazing.

I did say the project went very well but it was not without its initial challenges. I decided to do this project last minute and didn’t have a clear plan or a lot of research.

One area I should have done some initial research is removing wallpaper. You would think that process would be easy and straight forward. You would think that old wallpaper glue would weaken over time and just let you easily rip the old wallpaper down.

If that what you thought then you thought what I thought and we’d both be very wrong. Old wallpaper glue is amazing stuff. Whoever designed that stuff should get some kind of award because that stuff is still holding strong after 25 years.]


I started off picking little pieces of wallpaper off the wall. I did this for about 2 hours when I finally decided to get smart and do some necessary research.

I found some information of how to remove wallpaper and they recommended getting a wallpaper steamer. I was impressed and excited because it looked like the perfect solution. So I ran to Lowe’s and bought one right away. Good news it worked great and I could continue on with my home improvement project.

It still took me the rest of the day to get the old wallpaper off the wall but it would have taken me a week without the steamer. So don’t stress, steam!

The second day was paint day. It was a long day as I had 3 walls in total to prep and paint. I cleaned the walls up and got them ready for paint by using putty and a sponge to fill and clean all the imperfections.

Then I taped everything from baseboards, to trim and even the ceiling. Once this was completed, I ran back to Lowe’s to pick the perfect colors. This might just have been the most challenging part of the project. I have such a hard time deciding how the color will look once it’s on a wall.

The good news is I decided and painted it in just a couple of hours and I love it. It makes the living room and kitchen areas feel both bigger and brighter.

Now, I just need to decide on what the next big project should be. I’m personally voting to update the main floor bathroom but we’ll see what the rest of the family thinks.

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Why Choose Content Marketing?


Attracting customers is no easy feat. When it comes to business, you have to exercise a strategy that efficient and effective, capable of pulling customers and ultimately leading you to success. One powerful strategy is content marketing which brings a number of perks to the table of business and advertising.

What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is a form of marketing strategy that involves creating and sharing media through a number of options and then publishing relevant content to get customers. Yes, content marketing aims to get you money but it doesn’t necessarily directly focus on selling. Content marketing involves increasing your visibility with potential customers by establishing communication. This way, these customers are more motivated to do business with you by bringing content that’s relevant, consistent and valuable. Various media formats can be utilized for content marketing. Examples are articles, videos, photos, eBooks, case studies, guides and more.

[The Best Oven Cleaner 2017]

The Benefits of Content Marketing

Increased Visibility to Customers – With content marketing, you can utilize various types of media that can appeal to different customers. Usually, simple ads tend to be ignored by would-be customers because ads are just there – there’s nothing pulling you in, except maybe visual curiosity. However, content marketing can provide you with articles which deliver more information about your company, photos and videos that can be shared in social networking sites, leading to a huge boost in your visibility.

Stronger Customer Relationships – What makes content marketing so powerful is that it establishes a connection between you and your customers? As you continue to provide transparent information that exhibits your knowledge about your company and what you’re selling or the experience that you have, your customers will start to trust you, giving you stronger business connections that will lead to success.

Customized Content – Content marketing gives you the freedom of making your own content in the form of various media. Instead of being limited by the representation of ads, customized content allows you to reach out more to customers and give out relevant information.

Following Your Brand – Social media is a very powerful tool. A lot of people spend their time in social networking sites and that’s where you should focus. Content marketing allows you to create interesting content. Upon getting enough knowledge about your brand, customers will then establish a sense of trust to you and your products, often leading to them following your brand in social networking sites.

Content marketing is a revolutionary way in attracting customers. It’s efficient and effective that is capable of introducing your brand. Content marketing is a gem when it comes to business. So if you’re looking for a way for your brand to become more visible, why not choose content marketing?

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Finding a Specialist Job Abroad

Specialist job

When I moved to England I knew the job market was going to be tough. I knew, from industry contacts and the news, that finding work was going to be difficult. Even though I have a specialism (which apparently helps when trying to find employment) it still took me a few months to secure permanent employment. I think the biggest challenge was trying to find a job whilst living in a different country. It’s hard to look for work, speak to employers and attend job interviews when you are on the other side of the world! But there are some tips I picked up along the way that I wanted to share which hopefully might help someone else looking for a job.

The first thing I did was update my CV. Pretty simple step but you’d be surprised at how many rejection letters I got when I first sent out my CV. After reading advice and watching a lot of tutorial videos I realised that I needed a CV that was going to stand out from the crowd – something that looked a bit different. I did a bit of research online and found a website that specialises in free CV templates. A CV template is basically a form (available in a variety of designs and lay outs) that you can input your CV data into. The one I chose had well laid out boxes and neat bold headers so by the time I had finished creating my CV I knew it was going to be different from the competition.

I then went about contacting recruitment agencies and the biggest piece of advice I could give here is to pick an agency that specialises in the industry you want to work in. I used a general recruiter at first and although I spoke to an agent once a week during my job search it didn’t return many results. But as soon as I used an agency that specialised in Architecture careers I was offered a number of part-time and temporary positions. The temporary contract has since turned into a full time position and I also do some work for my portfolio out of hours too.


The main reason (I feel) I was offered a few jobs, once I had met the right recruitment company, was not purely my CV or my previous work experience. Practicing job interview behaviour definitely helped! I had one or two telephone interviews which I was really worried about and even had a Skype one too. I had never had a Skype job interview so did some research on what to expect and how to stand out to the employer. This advice definitely helped me – my tone, body language and job interview answers were all improved. Another thing that I was able to demonstrate during interview was my genuine interest in architecture and design. It’s something I think about day in day out, regardless of whether I am at work or not! And I think that is important to most employers – most organisations what an individual that will be passionate about their company and believe in their work.

I’ve been in the job for over a year now and I’m still improving on my experience every day. I keep my CV updated and add in new hobbies, interests and skills when necessary. I think this is crucial to any job search – whether it’s abroad or not. Your CV should be up to date all of the time, you never know when you might need to send it out.

I hope this helps anyone reading it who might be looking for a job – just remember to work on your CV, find a recruiter that can help to broaden your job search and be persistent – it’s what helped me to secure my role. Click here for more..…