The Weekend Painting Project

    art painting

    I decided it was time to give our house a bit of a facelift and get rid of our old wallpaper. The old wallpaper is not the horrible old flowery variety but it is outdated for modern design. I’m really looking forward to getting some nice modern clean lines with some cooler tone paints.

    So the big project this weekend was to remove the old wallpaper and paint the wall. It’s not really all that big of a project per say but it will take some manual labor and will have a huge visual impact once we finished.

    The good news is that it the project went very well and it looks amazing.

    I did say the project went very well but it was not without its initial challenges. I decided to do this project last minute and didn’t have a clear plan or a lot of research.

    One area I should have done some initial research is removing wallpaper. You would think that process would be easy and straight forward. You would think that old wallpaper glue would weaken over time and just let you easily rip the old wallpaper down.

    If that what you thought then you thought what I thought and we’d both be very wrong. Old wallpaper glue is amazing stuff. Whoever designed that stuff should get some kind of award because that stuff is still holding strong after 25 years.]


    I started off picking little pieces of wallpaper off the wall. I did this for about 2 hours when I finally decided to get smart and do some necessary research.

    I found some information of how to remove wallpaper and they recommended getting a wallpaper steamer. I was impressed and excited because it looked like the perfect solution. So I ran to Lowe’s and bought one right away. Good news it worked great and I could continue on with my home improvement project.

    It still took me the rest of the day to get the old wallpaper off the wall but it would have taken me a week without the steamer. So don’t stress, steam!

    The second day was paint day. It was a long day as I had 3 walls in total to prep and paint. I cleaned the walls up and got them ready for paint by using putty and a sponge to fill and clean all the imperfections.

    Then I taped everything from baseboards, to trim and even the ceiling. Once this was completed, I ran back to Lowe’s to pick the perfect colors. This might just have been the most challenging part of the project. I have such a hard time deciding how the color will look once it’s on a wall.

    The good news is I decided and painted it in just a couple of hours and I love it. It makes the living room and kitchen areas feel both bigger and brighter.

    Now, I just need to decide on what the next big project should be. I’m personally voting to update the main floor bathroom but we’ll see what the rest of the family thinks.

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